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Hi, my name is Jacob. I love gardening and I've created Peat Pellet Rush as an online store and information source which believes in the Brilliant Idea of starting seeds using Jiffy Peat Pellets. I use the products from this store myself and you'll see many videos, blogs and pictures of me doing just that. 

Follow along as I get my Green thumb on and try to create an Urban garden that feeds four adults without having to Grocery Shop. We also provide other products that will help our Growers succeed, including Garden Pots, Gardening Tools, Seeds to plant, and more!

If you want to be apart of the Garden Community, check out our blog. We post tips and tricks to help you get started, or any interesting information we think you might want to know about gardening. Feel free to follow us on Facebook, comment on our page on questions you might have, or if you would just like to chat!